me-arch me-fashion

Two things inextricably intertwined in my life: ARCHITECTURE and FASHION

As a professional with a degree in architecture, I provide architectural, interior design services and landscape design. Residential and public buildings, home-, office and public interiors designs, art galleries spaces; reconstruction of buildings and structures; landscape design are among my works. My philosophy in architecture is elegant simplicity, rigor and clarity integrated into nature.

My understanding of fashion is ?architecture and art that you can put on?

I mainly work trying on the fabric in front of the mirror and then finish my creation on the mannequin. I create unique gowns and accessories (headpieces, earrings, necklaces, belts, etc.)

I have given several personal fashion shows and got the win two nomination at the Couturier of the year fashion contest (Kyiv,2006)

My primary source of inspiration is all I see around us as nature is always the best creator.